Thin ice

Best to tread carefully lest you find yourself skating on thin ice!

Oooh, there’s a lot going on here, so let’s get started:

1. Tread carefully: 1. proceed with caution so you don’t make a mistake 2. watch where you step/skate so you don’t fall over/go under the ice.

2. Lest: what a great word this is! It’s an Old English conjunction, which you could substitute with ‘in case’ or ‘so that you don’t’ or something similar.

3. Skating on thin ice: 1. to do something risky that might end badly 2. to skate on ice that’s too thin to support your weight! 


Look at these little beauties! Homemade waffles, that we enjoyed with fresh strawberries, honey yoghurt, and maple syrup. I’ll stop now before I waffle on about how truly delicious they were.

Little beauty: your first bit of Australian slang! This means something that is very good. Can also mean something that has gone very well ??

Waffle (noun): see above photo ?

Waffle (verb): to talk or write at length in a vague way. Can also mean to not be able to make up your mind ?

At length: to do something for a long time or in great detail.