Creative Writing Clinic

The creative writing clinic is for you if need help with a short work of fiction, creative nonfiction (the creative telling of a true story), or personal narrative (the telling of your own story), of between 1000 and 5000 words

It works like this:

  • We meet in person (or talk over the phone or Zoom/Skype) for an initial free consultation to discuss your work 
  • You provide me with a copy of what you have so far and, if you are doing it as part of a course, any guidelines or instructions you have
  • I send you a comprehensive critique, including a list of practical recommendations for how to improve your writing
  • You redraft your work, incorporating my recommendations
  • You send me your next draft for review
  • We meet in person (or via Zoom) for one hour to discuss

Not sure this is right for you? Do you have a bigger (or smaller) piece of work? Get in touch via Contact to see how else I might be able to help you.

Creative writing clinic
Creative Writing Clinic